What is TakeOff?

TakeOff is a free offer with professional guidance and a place for your startup in an innovative, open office environment.
It’s for you (or your team) who have an idea for a new company. You’ve just been formally VAT registered or you are just about to. You have the idea and you can describe the road towards your first proof of concept.
At TakeOff you’re offered up to a years worth of free office space for you and your startup team. We offer advice and guidance during the year and you will be invited to loads of inspiring events.
The TakeOff Wingman is your daily contact. His task is to help you make your idea “delicious” and pave the way for you, so you find the right path from idea to company.
TakeOff is for everybody. We’re strong in robots and welfare tech, but offer advice in a large number of fields – and no idea is rejected in advance.
Above all: You’ll have your daily workplace in a young and innovative environment, close to a lot of great people ready to help you out.
You find us in two places in Odense and soon also in Kolding and Sønderborg.
Questions? Look in our FAQ – or contact the Wingman

Startups in TakeOff

  • Greentech
  • Welfare
  • Digital
  • Others
Full time startups
Surrives the first year
Startup power


At TakeOff these partners are ready to help you out


Would your company like to help new startups succeed – contact our Wingman.


Ready to boost your startup at TakeOff?

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What does it take for me and the team to get into TakeOff?

You are required to fill out the form above. Based on that application, we estimate if we can help you and invite you to a short briefing about your idea.

In the evaluation of your application we look for how you describe your path from idea to company, that you can sketch up a business model and that we can actually help you out with support from our partners.

Do I need some sort of formal education to be accepted?


Where is TakeOff?

You’ll find TakeOff in two places in Odense and very soon in Kolding and Sønderborg.

Find our “main office” here.

In Odense we are located in Forskerparken and Videnbyen. Both close to the University. You’re free to choose where to sit but if we’re short on space we might assign you to one particular office.

Is there a max on how many team members we can sit TakeOff?

No. But TakeOff always needs to be informed of who is assigned to your team.

Are there any mandatory courses and meetings in TakeOff?

The only mandatory thing is our quarterly network lunch. It’s free. But we hope to see you and the team at many of our events.

What happens after I've applied?

We’ll have a look at your application and get back to you a.s.a.p.

Yay I've been accepted, now what?

TakeOff is pretty much like any other workspace. You’ll get a key, a welcome email, you will be introduced to the other teams and you’ll be asked to join our Facebook group.

From this moment you can use our facilities round the clock.

Our Wingman will invite you to some meetings where you discuss your development of the idea. Each time you will set a few goals to be completed before the next meeting.
We also invite you to social and inspirational events.

I can sit in TakeOff for a year, but also shorter time?

Yeah. If your company becomes established and operational, we need you to move on. We at Southern Danish Science Parks can help you with office space or a rent-a-desk solution.

We can also cut your stay at TakeOff short, if you do not contribute positively to the office, if your idea doesn’t develop towards a company or if you for some other reason all of a sudden doesn’t fit in.

Help and advice during the stay, how do I get that?

In TakeOff our Wingman is your daily contact. It’s his job to help you to make your idea “delicious” and pave the way for you, so you find the right path from idea to company. The Wingman will help you set goals for your company, talk with you on how you can reach them and find the right advisor for you. We have anything from specialists, over business networks to accountants ready to help you.

When the year's up, then what?

Hopefully you have a company ready to fly and a huge network to boot.
66% of the startups in TakeOff move on with or without further help. We sit down and talk with you and figure out what you need to continue the success.

What if I don't get into TakeOff?

Don’t worry. If we find we can’t help you and your team in TakeOff, you we’ll always get a few tips on how to move on.

Sometimes we’ll offer you to hook up with one of the other startup offerings we are connected to.

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Videnbyen, Cortex Park 26, 5230 Odense M
Forskerparken, Forskerparken 10, 5230 Odense M
Pakhuset, Sdr. Havnegade 7, 6000 Kolding
Ellegården, Ellegaardsvej 36, 6200 Sønderborg